1) Download and print the appropriate grower certificate.

2) Enter your name or your farm name

3) Circle (or write in if blank) the varieties of corn you will be delivering to H&B 

4) Leave the bushel amount blank  

5) Sign and date the bottom 

Select the location that you will be delivering grain to H&B.
Auroa H&B Blank
Beardstown, IL AIP, ADM
Granite City, IL H&B Blank, H&B Yellow Waxy, 6499, HGBCWhite
Hardin, IL Jersey Co Grain Hard Endo, H&B BlankH&B Yellow Waxy
Cape G., MO CGB Hard Endo, CGB Blank
Madison, IN CGB Hard EndoCGB BlankCGB Yellow Waxy6499
Cincinnati, OH CGB Blank
Naples, IL Cargill