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   Larry Stalcup, Field Editor Debra L. Ferguson, Editor Many thanks to the PhytoGen Cotton Team for their continued support and sponsorship.  Subscribe  OVERVIEW Weeds – “if you can see […] (full story)

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Ahead of the Fed, everything you need to know. The levels to know and trade for ES, NQ, Crude and Gold. (full story)

The US dollar rallied nearly half a percent off recent support near $96.50. What does this mean? In this article, we explore that question. (full story)

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COTTON General Comments: Cotton was mixed, with long liquidation noted in old crop months. Prices closed a little higher in new crop months as [...] (full story)

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Interest rate traders pricing in 25bp cut for July and another 60bp of easing by years end. USD traders not so optimistic. Canadian CPI for May surprises to the upside, +2.4% YoY vs +2.1% exp. Trump continues to put political pressure on Powell to cut rates.... (full story)

How did USDA get to 92% corn planted? (full story)

It now appears that China is selling U.S. bonds and buying gold. Continue reading for more details, on what could lie ahead. (full story)

Unpredictable (full story)

Bears have solid overall near-term chart advantage and regain power recently to suggest new lows are coming. (full story)

LH, keep eye FCU, CZ top?, meats bottoming, SPU # big on FED day, (full story)

GBPJPY triggers corrective recovery nearer term as we expect more gain in the days ahead. (full story)

The director of congressional relations with American Farm Bureau says ensuring that the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement gets across the finish line is a top priority for the industry. Andrew Walmsley says progress is being made in ratifying the USMCA.... (full story)

The Barchart Chart of the Day belongs to the billboard sign REIT Outfront Media (OUT). I found the sotck by sorting Barchart's Top Stocks to Own list first by the highest technical buy signals than I used the Flipchart feature to review the char... (full story)

An Illinois fruit grower has only been able to produce 40% of his peach crop this year and flooding in west central Illinois is forcing him to transport his crop to be sold elsewhere. Tim Ringhausen, a fifth-generation fruit grower in Calhoun County,... (full story)

We kickoff the day with the EIA Energy Stocks at 9:30 A.M. and Dairy Product Sales at 2:00 P.M. The FED will make the announcement [...] (full story)

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